MaiCoin 比特幣地址升級通知

MaiCoin 比特幣地址升級通知 Bitcoin Address Upgrade Notification


由於近期 MaiCoin 進行安全升級,您在 MaiCoin 平台有不相容於新版系統的比特幣地址,請您登入 MaiCoin 進行比特幣地址轉換作業。
提醒您,如果您的比特幣地址超過指定時限 (2017/06/30) 未完成地址轉換作業,卻仍又使用該地址收取比特幣,可能會發生損失比特幣的狀況。
MaiCoin 數位資產

Dear users,

MaiCoin is in the process of upgrading our security system in order to improve the overall user experience. Some of your old Bitcoin addresses may become incompatible as the result of this upgrade. Please log in and convert your old address to a new one.
As a friendly reminder, you could lose the Bitcoin sent to your old address if you failed to convert to a new Bitcoin address before the deadline (2017/06/30).
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
MaiCoin Digital Assets